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Internet of Things conference in Lund


The biggest international IoT conference in Sweden is back and once again hosted at Ideon Agora in Lund. MAPCI is one of the main partners of this conference.

This is a conference aiming to provide a clear picture of the IoT landscape - where we are and where we are heading. The conference is offering 3 parallell tracks, 20 speaker sessions and 3 full day workshops.

One of the speakers is Ashkan Fardost, who has always been fascinated by the exponential progress of technology and how it empowers and transforms our lives, cultures and societies. Ashkan is a public speaker and consultant for tech startups in Stockholm and regularly appears on Swedish national television as a science reporter.

The conference itself will be held 7-8 September, but don't miss the free of charge pre-events on April 5 and June 3:

April 5 – Pop Up Lab: Drones

Focused on the flying creates that are making their ways into our everyday lives. Come hear the latest on drones and how they are used by business to create value with their unique capabilities.

June 3 – Pop Up Lab: Virtual Reality

VR has been around for a while, but portable computing power is giving it a huge boost in usefulness and reality-like quality.


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