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Afterwork with Harry Hotline Society at Mobile Heights Center

harry hotline


From: 2016-05-12 16:30 To: 18:30

Join us for an afterwork at Mobile Heights Center where we talk about Ericssons successes and setbacks, and look at their mobile phone history.

Jan Svensson, Per Göran Ohlsson and Hans Blackman, authors behind the book on Ericssons mobile phones, will talk about the history of the telecom cluster in Lund. How the history of the cluster coincides with the history of Ericsson. The concerns regarding the lack of new job opportunities for engineers in the 1980’s led to the establishment of a mobile phone development in Lund.  A business that then grew from the barracks at Ideon into a global technology giant, while the phones shrank from bricks to fit in your pocket.

Come and see the Ericsson phones, listen to the history and talk about what the future has to offer.

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