“Laying the foundation for a truly connected world through world-class research, disruptive innovation, industry collaboration and combining wireless communication technologies“


MAPCI blir statligt forskningsinstitut

Forskningsinstitutet MAPCI knoppas av från Lunds universitet och blir ett fristående institut under RISE – svenska statens ägarbolag för forskningsinstitut. Förändringen är beslutad av



Ultraljud håller koll på dykare under vatten

Även i de lugnaste vatten kan det vara svårt att veta var dykare finns. Undervattensströmmar, vågor och vind gör att



Spårar rullstolar med Lundateknik

På sjukhusen i Halland försvinner mängder med rullstolar – men med hjälp från forskningsprojektet TagOn ska det bli



Samverkan skapar bättre mjukvara

Mer samverkan mellan akademi och industri skapar bättre mjukvara. Det var utgångshypotesen för den årliga LUCAS-dagen


Citrix Cloud Survey August 2012 among Americans above 18:

46% say they hardly ever or never use the Cloud, even though 95% use Cloud services like Facebook, Gmail and Youtube.

Gartner Top Ten Technologies and Trends 2013:

Storage on PC will gradually be replaced by storage in a Personal Cloud. This will be the glue that connects the web of personal devices that can be used in dierent situations.

Ericsson company vision 2010:

During 2008 the number of things connected to the internet exceeded the number of people on earth. By 2020 there will be 50 billion.

Citrix Cloud Survey August 2012 among Americans above 18:

51% of respondents thought stormy weather would interfere with cloud computing.

Citrix Cloud Survey August 2012 among Americans above 18:

14% said they’ve pretended to know what cloud computing is in a job interview.

Forrester Research

By 2020 the size of the cloud computing market worldwide will be over $241B.


Today’s cloud is in faraway server halls. Tomorrows cloud is all around us.


Devices interact in the Distributed Mobile Cloud, sensor data is managed and processed with low latency, actuators are controlled and relevant local information is visualized. Global Cloud is used for global information management and processing boosting when needed.

European Commission ”Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe” September 2012:

This could mean an additional EUR 45 billion of direct spend on Cloud Computing in the EU in 2020, as well as an overall cumulative impact on GDP of EUR + 957B, and + 3.8M jobs, by 2020.

Cloud Sweden

The cloud is often described as the next major generation shift in the IT world. The ability to have IT delivered "on tap" and only pay for what you use, is a dream come true for many desicion makers.

Bogdan Tudosoiu, Mobile Heights

There is 10000 times more processing power and storage capabilities in a Sony Xperia Z than it was in Apollo 11.

Carbon Disclosure Project, 2011:

Large companies in the US could save + $12.3B annually in energy consumption by adopting cloud computing

2011 survey for the European Commission:

The results of adopting cloud computing

Thread found on Facebook:

If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most dicult thing to explain to them about life today? “ - I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get in arguments with strangers.”

Claes Magnusson on building apps for television:

We know that the future is no longer about traditional computers, but we should not limit ourselves to smartphones and tablets. Six billion people on the planet have access to television and it is six times more than those who have access to smartphones. Information, entertainment, advertising and knowledge right into your living room is a dream that is now becoming reality.


MAPCI is a research institute that focus on distributed cloud technology - a new area combining communications and software technologies, and take on the explicit role of a bridge-builder between existing mobile research centers in southern Sweden as well as with industry.